About Us

We are the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association (RHSAA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association, proud to be Rough Riders and Teddies and proud to support the friendships, memories, and current students of Theodore Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon.

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to supporting Roosevelt High School, its alumni and surrounding community.

2020-2021 Goals

  • We will recruit Chairs for the Scholarship, Communications, and Fundraising Committees by creating specific duty lists and reaching out to alumni through all available modes of communication.
  • We will create a Fundraising Committee with at least 3 members, who will create a plan and raise $10,000. This committee will be formed by December 1st.
  • We will offer two $1,000 scholarships to college-bound graduating seniors to be awarded in May.
  • The Veterans Memorial Committee will create a memorial video honoring alumni who were killed in action. This video will have a voice over and visual aspect, and will be hosted online and openly shared by Memorial Day.
  • An RHSAA Board Member will liaise with existing school resources for homeless and other in-need students to coordinate donations (items or monetary) from alumni.

5-Year Goals (2024)

  • We will offer 5 students $1,000 scholarships (with the intention of aiming for higher if possible).
  • Supporting students is a central theme to our organization. We will be donating $5,000 per year to student activities through our grant program.
  • One way we can engage more volunteers is to host specific days where alumni can plan and commit to single day activities. By 2024, we will host quarterly "volunteer days" to complete RHSAA projects. The intent is that 4 days a year, we have large groups of people come together and get a ton done in a short period of time!
  • We often look back fondly on the clean up days that Southlake used to host and how they would come and beautify the grounds. We want our landscaping committee to have implemented a landscaping plan to beautify the campus in a maintainable and sustainable way. This would be an extremely visible display of our commitment to the school.
  • We want to double the number of alumni participating at our existing events. This means over 150 people at our annual picnic and over 500 alumni at homecoming, specifically.

20-Year Goals (2040)

  • We want to continue growing our organization with more active members in both volunteer positions as well as socially. One day we would love to host monthly social events for alumni to connect with one another.
  • Since the association began, we have been dedicated to helping students. In the future we want to have a large scholarship fund that supports many students heading to college.
  • Many of our commitments as the RHSAA also lie within the community, and we want to do more to help our neighborhood. We want to invigorate North Portland through our students and alumni and strengthen Roosevelt's & St. Johns' reputation through our work.