Our Board of Directors



Mike Verbout

Class of '62

Vice - President

James Kennison

Class of '74


Wade Nelson

Class of '75


Shawn Looney

Class of '71

Committee Chairs

Communications Chair


Class of '22

History Chair

Janine Wolf

Class of '71

Picnic Chair

Carolyn Bonnin

Class of '79

RHS & PIL Hall of Fame Chair

Kerry Biermann

Class of '69

Veterans Memorial Chair

Michael Brown

Class of '75


Megan Hall

Class of '13


KD Parman

Principal, Roosevelt High School

Board Members At-Large

Ray Guimary
(Class of '47)
Don Carlson
(Class of '54)
Joan Sparks
(Class of '57)
Penny Luening
(Class of '58)
Michael Stone
(Class of '58)
Jeanine Sinnott
(Class of '68)
Barbara Atchison Richmond
(Class of '69)
Eddie DeFreitas
(Class of '69)
Steve Allen
(Class of '75)
Mike Reese
(Class of '75)
Annie Mueller
(Class of '79)
Mee Cha
(Class of '94)
Kelsey Porter
(Class of '04)
Cassie Fuqua
(Class of '06)
Bovianna Somsanouk
(Class of '14)
Daniel Stauffer
(Class of '16)

Emeritus Board Members

Lyle Moore
(Class of '59)
Dr. Alexander Worobey
(Class of '64)
Dave Carboneau
(Class of '64)
Dr. Michael Biermann
(Class of '65)
Roy Jay
(Class of '65)
Tim Abbott
(Class of '71)
Charlie Clint
(Class of '71)
Craig Johnson
(Class of '71)
Claudia Connolly
(Class of '72)
Marilyn Clint
(Class of '74)
Alan J. Winningham
(Class of '75)
Vicki Flatner Coleman
(Class of '78)
Greg Bell
(Class of '80)
Todd Sprague
(Class of '80)
Glenn Spokely
(Class of '89)
Don Wolfe
(Class of '90)
Stephanie Ferschke
(Class of '97)
Scott Stauffer
(Class of '01)

Deceased Board Members

Al Lindstrom
(Class of '46)
Jerry Brown
(Class of '50)
Leland Johnson
(Class of '51)
Norman Parks
(Class of '61)
Melinda Stoneburg
(Class of '62)
Dick Teeny
(Class of '64)
Randy Myer
(Class of '69)