Our Committees

Executive Committee

Executive Committee  

Purpose: The Executive Committee, among other duties, coordinates the work of the Board and its committees and coordinates annual planning and long range strategic planning. This committee has the authority of the Board of Directors and acts as the Board of Directors between Board meetings. This committee also approves the annual budget, approves updates to the mission statement and long range strategic plan.

Membership: Members of the Executive Committee are comprised of the Past President, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Chairs of the Communications and Development Committees.

Meetings: Meetings of the Executive Committee take place the third Thursday of every other month. Anyone wishing to attend may do so.

Contact: Please email Mike Verbout, President, at info@rooseveltalumni.org

Communications Committee

Communications Committee  

Purpose: The Communications Committee is responsible for all external communications and some internal communications for RHSAA. The committee develops and oversees the infrastructure of communications media that includes but is not limited to: RHSAA website, RHSAA blog, RHSAA newsletter and/or eNewsletter, RHSAA social media, press releases and or story placement in local publications, outreach to news media and/or bloggers, and more.

Membership: This committee is comprised of general members of the board, and is open to any alumni or friends of Roosevelt.

Meetings: Meetings occur over email when communications topics arise, physical meetings aren't required.

Contact: Email info@rooseveltalumni.org with subject line "ATTN: Communications Committee".

History Committee

History Committee  

Purpose: The History Committee takes on all projects relating to history at Roosevelt. The committee is in charge of preserving all historical artifacts, collecting more, and displaying these items where appropriate. This committee strives to learn more about Roosevelt and its alumni's history.

Membership: This committee is open to anyone who is interested in preserving and displaying Roosevelt history, whether they be alumni, students, community members, or otherwise.

Meetings: Meetings typically occur directly following the three Board Meetings each year.

Contact: Email history@rooseveltalumni.org.

Picnic Committee

Picnic Committee  

Purpose: The Picnic Committee is in charge of the annual All Class Picnic which occurs every July. These committee members coordinate park permit, food, decorations, and promotion of the event. They also act as hosts the day of the picnic.

Membership: Any alumni may be a member of this committee.

Meetings: Meetings occur over email with an in person meeting the morning of the picnic.

Contact: Email info@rooseveltalumni.org with subject line "ATTN: Picnic Committee".

Finance Committee

Financee Committee  

Purpose: The Budget and Finance Committee develops the annual budget, monitors the Association’s income and expenditures in relation to the adopted budget, oversees the Association’s financial and tax matters, oversees the development of financial and investment policies and recommend their adoption by the Board.

Membership: Members of the Budget and Finance Committee shall include the President, Treasurer, and such additional members as may be recommended by the Executive Committee.

Meetings: Meetings typically happen in conjunction with Executive Committee meetings.

Contact: Email info@rooseveltalumni.org with subject line "ATTN: Finance Committee"

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising & Grant Writing Committee  

Purpose: The primary goal of this committee is to seek out grants for the Association. They do this through lots of research, and collaboration with other non-profit experts. Also, this committee proposes fundraising and donation events to the Board.

Membership: Any motivated alumni who experience with grant writing or fundraising or would like to gain that experience are welcome to be members of this committee.

Meetings: Meetings typically happen in conjunction with Executive Committee meetings.

Contact: Email info@rooseveltalumni.org with subject line "ATTN: Grant Committee"

Hall of Fame Committee

PIL & RHS Hall of Fame Committee  

Purpose: The Athletic Hall of Fame committee nominates outstanding athletes for induction into the Portland Interscholastic League Athletic Hall of Fame on an annual basis, and attends the induction events. This committee does extensive research on former Roughrider athletes to find information on those who would make good Hall of Fame nominees. This committee is also creating a new Roosevelt Athletic Hall of Fame to be unveiled soon.

Membership: Any alumni who have interests in athletics and research are welcome to participate.

Meetings: Meetings are held as needed.

Contact: Email info@rooseveltalumni.org with subject line "ATTN: Hall of Fame"

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee  

Purpose: The Nominating Committee, among other duties, recruits new Directors and nominates new and continuing Directors, nominates Officers of the Association, coordinates annual evaluation of Board operations, and periodically reviews the Bylaws and recommends revisions to the Board of Directors.

Membership: This committee is comprised of the Past President, President, Secretary, and a minimum of two other Board members not presently serving as an Officer or Executive Committee member.

Meetings: Meetings happen when nominations to the Board are made.

Contact: Email info@rooseveltalumni.org.

Veterans Committee

Veterans Memorial Committee  

Purpose: This committee seeks to honor all of the Roughriders who are currently serving in the armed forces, are veterans, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. They do extensive research to collect information on all of these alumni, and have several active projects to memorialize these people.

Membership: Anyone with interest in honoring our Roughriders who have served.

Meetings: Meetings are held on a varying basis as each project arises.

Contact: Email veterans@rooseveltalumni.org.

Development Committee

Development Committee  

Purpose: The Development Committee is the primary coordinating body for activities that promote engagement with alumni and fundraising activities of the Association. The committee develops and supports initiatives to actively engage alumni with the life of the school, its students, the community and each other and works collaboratively with the Communications Committee and other committees to further these goals.

Membership: Members of the Development Committee include four members of the board and additional members as may be recommended by the Executive Committee.

Meetings: Meetings are held in conjunction with the Grant and Fundraising Committee

Contact: Email info@rooseveltalumni.org.