Coat of Arms

Crest 1965 - 2015

This Coat of Arms was adopted by the student body in June of 1965.

The initials 'JJ' are for James John, founder of our community.

The wavy banner represents the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers.

The dogwood blossoms on the right represent the natural beauty in our community.

The cherry blossoms represent the trees lining our main walkway.

The sailing ship is for our history as an important port.

1906 is the founding date of James John High School, our predecessor.

The 'K' monogram on the book is for the Knapp Grant awarded in 1965 to upgrade the library.

The arrowhead is for our American Indian heritage.

The fir tree is for the importance of forestry to the founding of St. Johns.

The school tower, landmark of our campus and our community, symbolizes the ideals and aspiration of all who share in the history and traditions of Roosevelt High School.

Crest 2015 - Present

This Brand Identity was created in collaboration with Nike, Inc.

Situated in the heart of Portland's St. Johns neighborhood, Roosevelt is deeply rooted in the culture and community of the area. The Roosevelt shield combines four different elements:

The spires of the iconic St. Johns bridge and the shape of the shield itself come from designs on foundational supports of the bridge;

The architecture of the Roosevelt clocktower with an "N" on top signifying Roosevelt as Portland's northern most high school;

The founding year of Roosevelt's predecessor, James John High School, 1906;

Two evergreen trees signifying the Pacific Northwest.

These elements are fused to create a strong graphic mark that brings pride to Roosevelt High School as well as the St. Johns community as a whole.