Welcome to the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association!

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Who are Roosevelt Alumni?

Men and women from every walk of life have strode the halls of Roosevelt High School, located in north Portland, Oregon. Our shared educational experience draws us together, regardless of where our lives have gone after graduation.
There is no 'typical' alumni. We're volunteers, we're blue-collar workers, we're in the medical and legal fields, we're involved in business, industry and with non-profits. We're stay-at-home parents, we're educators, we're in government, we're in the military -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Why Stay Involved?

We've graduated and moved on with our lives -- but our school is still an important, vibrant part of the community where we were educated. And our school needs our support!
There are many ways to be involved. Your participation is both welcome and encouraged. Your skills and knowledge are needed.
Joining the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association gives you a chance to reconnect with Roosevelt friends -- and to make new friends! It gives you the opportunity to actively engage in projects, to socialize, to brainstorm for the future and to have FUN doing it!