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Communications Committee Chair

Communications Member

Time Commitment of approximately 12 hours/month.

Participation will primarily virtual and over email, with occasional in-person meetings.

We are seeking 1 leader for this role.

This leader should have experience in marketing, public relations, writing/editing, social media management, or another related field.

We are in the process of revamping our Communications Committee and are searching for a leader to help pave the way! We are looking for a new Chair, someone who enjoys organizing people, strategizing new ideas, and has a passion for detail. This role will interface with almost every aspect of our organization; from our historical preservation work to our student support grants, it all flows through the Communications Committee at some point!

Duties & Responsibilities

Coordinates quarterly emails to be sent to the alumni mail list with updates on the Association and RHS.
Does not necessarily collect all information, but ensures another Committee member does.
Does not necessarily write all emails, but assigns other Committee members to do so.
Proofreads and signs off on all emails written.
Oversees all communication between the RHSAA and outside news sources.
Any items being submitted to newspapers or other news media must be done by the chairperson, not a Committee member or other board member.
Oversees and approves all new volunteers seeking to serve on the Communications Committee.
The chairperson is responsible for confirming all nominees and volunteers wishing to partake in Committee duties to ensure the RHSAA voice is in capable hands.
Host Communications Committee meetings at least quarterly to discuss action items for the Committee to discuss and complete.
Meetings can take the form of in person or virtual/email depending upon the needs of those participating.
Meetings may need to take place more frequently than 4 times per year, up to the discretion of the Committee.
Attend Executive Committee meetings to coordinate needs to and from the Communications Committee.
Executive Committee meetings happen every other month and the chairperson should attend 4 of the 6 per year at a minimum.
Maintain "branding" that all RHSAA communications items must meet.
Maintain the document that specifies the guidelines for content, quality, and tone of all communication created on behalf of the RHSAA.
Ensure this "branding" is followed by Committee members in their various duties.
Provide on-boarding support to all new members of the Communications Committee.
Include basic instruction of duties and expectations.
Teach how to use tools used by the Committee for communication purposes (i.e. MailChimp, Facebook Pages, etc).
Convey "branding" of the RHSAA and how to utilize guidelines.
Lead the development of special interest contact groups.

Interested in volunteering? Send an email to our Association President at president@rooseveltalumni.org with the subject line "Communications Committee Chair" to learn more.
We can't wait to have you join us!