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Fundraising Committee Member

Fundraising Member

Time Commitment of approximately 6 hours/month.

Participation will primarily virtual and over email, with occasional in-person meetings.

We are seeking 4 volunteers for this role.

Volunteers should have an interest in finance, but no specific experience in required.

In recent years our fundraising efforts have been carried out by various board members as funding needs have arisen. We are looking to shift to a committee of dedicated volunteers who will focus primarily on those efforts and can learn and develop strategies most effective for our organization. Having members of this committee who can innovate and create plans for the future will help us achieve our funding goals.

Duties & Responsibilities

Attend all Fundraising Committee meetings - at least once per quarter.
Meetings will take the form of in person or virtual/email depending upon the needs of those participating.
Participate in Fundraising efforts at least twice per year.
Depending upon the decisions made in relation to the fundraising plan and roadmap, efforts may take the form of in-person events, calling campaigns, online drives, or another endeavor. Members will need to fully participate in at least two of these efforts per year.
Document successes and shortcomings of all fundraising efforts participated in, and report to the Committee.
Every member should be invested in helping the Committee evolve and learn from past practices.
Assist in creation of the fundraising roadmap.

Interested in volunteering? Send an email to our Executive Committee at info@rooseveltalumni.org with the subject line "Fundraising Committee Member" to learn more.
We can't wait to have you join us!