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Scholarship Committee Chair

Scholarship Chair

Time Commitment of approximately 8 hours/month during the 5 month execution period.

Participation will primarily be in-person, with some business conducted virtually over email.

We are seeking 1 leader for this role.

This leader may have experience in finance, higher education, management, or simply an interest in learning and leading for this role.

Our organization is very excited to begin a college scholarship program to support our newest alumni as they embark on the next stages of their education. We have a committee of five members who are looking for a leader to help guide this process. This inaugural year will require a fair amount of research and planning, and should be the foundation of a program we can build for many years to come.

Duties & Responsibilities

Host Scholarship Committee meetings - once per month during execution period (5 month period).
Meetings can take the form of in person or virtual/email depending upon the needs of those participating.
Meetings may need to take place more frequently than listed, up to the discretion of the Committee.
Coordinate creation of scholarship applications, distribution of applications, and review of completed applications.
Chairperson does not make all decisions as to application criteria or which students receive scholarships, but delegates tasks and ensures Committee consensus on decisions.
Oversee and delegate communication between RHSAA and student applicants.
Chairperson is not necessarily the listed contact person for students, but ensures that communication is established and followed through.
Oversees and approves all new volunteers.
Chairperson is responsible for confirming all volunteers, to ensure no conflicts of interest.
Attend Executive Committee meetings to coordinate needs to and from the Scholarship Committee.
Executive Committee meetings happen every other month and the chairperson should attend 3 of the 6 per year at a minimum (likely during the execution period).
Lead the development of the scholarship process - timeline, financial paperwork, applicant process, and award process.
Initial development during the inaugural year will require more development work than during subsequent years.
Chairperson will be responsible for ensuring any legal regulations are followed.
Oversee communication with school resources for application administration.
Chairperson is not necessarily the listed contact person for school counselors or other college resources, but ensures that communication is established and followed through.

Interested in volunteering? Send an email to our Association President at president@rooseveltalumni.org with the subject line "Scholarship Committee Chair" to learn more.
We can't wait to have you join us!